Bristol 2014 The City And Conflict From The First World War To The Present Day

Bristol 2014 is part of the First World War Centenary Partnership

First World War Centenary Partnership Programme

Bristol 2014 is supported by:

Heritage Lottery Fund Arts Council England Bristol City Council Business West Society of Merchant Venturers University of the West of England

It is coordinated by Bristol Cultural Development Partnership.


Bristol 2014: The City and Conflict from the First World War to the Present Day is an extensive programme of activity to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War. It is coordinated by Bristol Cultural Development Partnership, an Arts Council England National Portfolio organisation funded by Bristol City Council and Business West.

The programme has been developed over the last three years, following consultation with a wide range of organisations and interested individuals. New partners, projects and events continue to become involved.

Bristol 2014 will end officially in March 2015, when our grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support the website and general marketing ends, but some individual activities will continue until at least 2018 and the website will continue to be accessible (though no longer updated) until at least 2020.

Bristol 2014 aims to provide a variety of activities reflecting on the impact of the First World War on Bristol, which will engage the local community, visitors to the city and those accessing the material online.

It will encompass all aspects of the war: from military recruitment to the suffragettes; from the armed services in which Bristol people served to the pacifists and others who refused to fight; from changes in the labour market during the war to those that followed in peacetime; from those who came to Bristol during the conflict to those who were displaced from the city; from the sites in Bristol associated with the war to the memorials created after the conflict; from those who died to those who survived; from eyewitness accounts of the time to new assessments of the war; from the traditional war artists to artists of today looking back at the war.

It will also explore parallels with other conflicts that have had an impact on Bristol over the last century.

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