Bristol 2014 The City And Conflict From The First World War To The Present Day

Bristol 2014 is part of the First World War Centenary Partnership

First World War Centenary Partnership Programme

Bristol 2014 is supported by:

Heritage Lottery Fund Arts Council England Bristol City Council Business West Society of Merchant Venturers University of the West of England

It is coordinated by Bristol Cultural Development Partnership.


This section features a range of articles and stories to entertain, to inform and to encourage debate on the themes and topics explored as part of Bristol 2014.

Battlefield Trip

Gus Hoyt
06 July 2014

Memories of a visit to the battlefield of Ypres in Belgium.

The Blimps – Anti-Submarine Airships with Engines from Bristol

Patrick Hassell
01 July 2014

A look at the Bristol connection to the anti-submarine airships of the First World War.

Why Paint War? Art, British Artists and the First World War

Paul Gough
09 June 2014

An exploration of the role of the official war artist since the First World War.

'Bravo, Bristol!'

Clive Burlton
05 June 2014

The story of the recruitment song for the Bristol Battalion.

Bristol Area First World War Prisoner of War Camps

Colin R Chapman
05 June 2014

A survey of POW camps in the Bristol area in the First World War.

“Germany, Austria and Drink” – Bristol’s War on Alcohol

Eugene Byrne
04 June 2014

The story of the temperance lobby in Bristol during the First World War.

The Public Lecture Series at Bristol Library, 1941-1943

Melanie Kelly
03 June 2014

A survey of the lectures delivered at Bristol Central Libary during the Second World War, which began 75 years ago.

Bristol Adopts Bethune

Clive Burlton
02 June 2014

The story of the Bristol's adoption of a war-damaged French town.

‘Dread Fascination’: Artists and War

Paul Gough
30 May 2014

An examination of how artists who draw upon conflict as a subject achieve a balance between objective fact and subjective comment.

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