Bristol 2014 The City And Conflict From The First World War To The Present Day

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First World War Centenary Partnership Programme

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The Powell Brothers by James Powell

James Powell made his film at the digital stories course that was held at Stoke Lodge. He worked with Sandra.

He writes: The emphasis is on the work of the medical services.  I have combined my family records with records of national archives and Bristol Library.  It has help me concentrate my mind and brought out further detail on this I have overlooked.



Recruiting Sergeant of the Royal Army Medical Corp (RAMC). © IWM (Q 53929)

Columns of limbers and motor lorries pssing by a RAMC dressing station with with wounded on stretchers outside. Blangy, 14 April 1917. © IWM (Q 5792)

RAMC stretcher-bearers carrying a wounded German prisoner down the Hermies road. 20th November 1917. © IWM (Q 3180

Nurse and a RAMC orderly dressing wounds of French and British in a RAMC ambulance train near Doullens, 27 April 1918. © IWM (Q 8737)

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