Bristol 2014 The City And Conflict From The First World War To The Present Day

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First World War Centenary Partnership Programme

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My Italian Grandfather by Melita Rowe

Melita Rowe was born in Rapallo in North West Italy and in her film she explores her family history. Her grandfather, prior to fighting in the First World War, worked as both a marble sculptor and as a station master.  It was while working as a station master that he met Melita’s grandmother who came from Germany and was on the Grand Tour.  She asked Melita's grandfather to recommend a hotel for the night and that is how their love story began.  Melita's mother was only eight years old when her father, Melita's grandfather, was killed in the war.

Melita made her film at the digital stories course that was held at Stoke Lodge. She is pictured here with her son.

Melita with her son Paul.

English troops cheering Italian troops. © IWM (Q 25949)

An Italian motorcyclist of the Bersaglieri with an Indian sidecar motocycle. © IWM (Q 26037)

  Italian prisoners ready to march in the snow-covered forest. © IWM (Q 86108

Italy, 1918. M.BORGONI MBI RICHTER e Co. NAPOLI VI°. PRESTITO NAZIONALE 'FINALMENTE!' [6th national loan. 'At last!'] © IWM (Art.IWM PST 2655)

French Soldiers and Groups of Italians in a Village Street, Vicenza, February 1918. This is an extract from Sydney William Carline's sketchbook, taken with him on active service with 28 Squadron Italian Expeditionary Force. The view of the street is seen from the artist's billet in a baker's shop in Vicenza. Art.IWM ART 4489

Film: This French newsreel from November 1917 was filmed in northern Italy and includes scenes of M Paul Painlevé, the French War Minister, returning from the Interallied Conference at Rapallo and calling at Brescia to talk with French and Italian soldiers. © IWM (IWM 508-37)

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