Bristol 2014 The City And Conflict From The First World War To The Present Day

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Audio-recordings now available for two Bristol 2014 talks

27 Oct 2014

Audio recordings are now available for two recent Bristol 2014 talks held in partnership with Bristol Festival of Ideas.

Douglas Newton: The Darkest Days: The Truth Behind Britain’s Rush to War, in 1914

At Foyles, Cabot Circus on 22 September 2014, historian Douglas Newton recounted the hidden history of Britain’s decision to enter the First World War. Drawing on a wealth of archival material, his new book pays particular attention to the widespread and vehement opposition to the war, both inside parliament and in the country at large, and reveals how Asquith, Edward Grey and Winston Churchill colluded, against the wishes and instincts of many of their parliamentary colleagues, to bring the country into the war, by any means necessary.

Audio link

Jacqueline Wadsworth: Bristol and First World War Aviation

At Foyles, Cabot Circus on 24 September 2014, author Jacqueline Wadsworth told the city’s war story from the perspective of aviation. At the turn of the twentieth century aviation was in its infancy, and when the First World War broke out Bristol was a centre of the new aeronautics industry.

Audio link

Comment on Douglas Newton talk

Stimulating and unconventional

It was an excellent talk, the content was very interesting and well explained, the author was very open and committed to share his research findings.

Book sounded very well researched and written. Good to have the non-official view discussed.

Excellent and interesting

Excellent lecture delivered by enthusiasm and intelligent insight

Comment on Jacqueline Wadsworth talk

Fantastic talk!

Good speaker.

Jacqueline gave a really interesting talk

Events such as last night provide insight into historic events drawing ones attention to contemporary and current political issues affecting the unstable global situation in which we find ourselves today.

The talk was most interesting, educational and entertaining. We would be happy to attend any other talks given by Jacqueline Wadsworth.

Extremely interesting, especially as it focussed on local influence during WW1 and the personal stories very touching. Just the right length of talk. Wonderful slides.

My daughter & I enjoyed the talk which was entertaining & informative.& also the fact that it was free.

Really interesting talk- fantastic intro to first world war aviation, and the personal stories behind it!

An excellent evening very well presented by the author. I gained knowledge and the event increased my interest in Bristol history

Excellent talk well fielded questions with honest 'I dont know" reply. Good to have book discounted and signed on night by author

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